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“You are not getting laid with that profile picture”

Getting laid online is not hard. If you know how to play your game, you’ll definitely know how to get laid easily. At times you may wonder what some people have that it is just very easy for them to find sex online. If you have tried and failed many times, you should re-evaluate your strategy, and think whether you’re actually doing it the way you should. Getting laid is not difficult given the number of women who are looking for sex online. Below are some of the points that can help you know how to get laid online.

Why You’re Not Getting Laid Online

go hunting
“You are browsing the wrong website”

Look, learning how to hookup online is tough. If all guys knew how to get laid online, there would be no need for all the hookup manuals you find on the internet. Look at how big the pickup industry has gotten! There are things you should not do if you want to get laid online and there are things you must do. You’ll not get laid if you go hunting at the wrong websites. Before you start looking for sex online, take time to read reviews. Some websites are more suitable for online sex than others, and there are many of such free dating sites to consider. Make a profile on a website that is free and easy to use. Most women will be on free dating sites; few people want to pay just to find sex online. You should know that there are many restrictions with most of those websites that require a subscription fee for SignUp. An attractive profile is a must if you want to get laid easily. Know that women looking for casual sex will want men who are good looking. You should not expect to get a lady’s attention if your profile is not attractive enough. Men hardly take time on physical appearance which doesn’t just work well with online dating. All that prospective sex partner will see is your profile, so make it great and attractive. In short, give yourself an identity. That is it, and it is very easy.

Learn to Lie to Women

It is not about what you tell them when you start chatting. Lying here is about how you make yourself seen. Most women will get attracted to you, but they’ll not be looking for what you make them see. They’ll start looking at what you’re looking for, they’ll want to know your height, they’ll want to know your profession, and your age. Lie to them about all these. It will not matter when you get them in bed. They easily forgive and forget after sex, and they will understand that you had no other way of attracting them than telling them the truth. You’ll hear ladies tell you stories of how they were lied to by a guy, and then another, and then another. They know that men are liars; they know that men lie to get inside them. They let men lie anyway. You know why they do this? It’s simple: They want to get laid as well. So if you want to learn how to get laid online, you will start by learning how to lie. It doesn’t pay off if you start your profile by saying that you’re a very nice guy with a slight handicap on the leg. Women looking for quick sex will have no time for that. Poor guy! Be creative in your lies. Lie about your profession, lie about your looks, lie about your location, and lie about every other thing. It works pretty well.

Be Creative with Your Emails

You should not expect to receive a reply from every woman. Some will reply but will not show much interest, others will not reply at all, and some will tell you they are looking for something else. It may sound discouraging, but you should not give up. The woman who is not replying might be interested, and you can’t say if she’d actually sorted your message from the slush pile. You should know that you’re not the only guy out there hitting on these women. They’re definitely receiving more messages than they can read and more than they can reply to. To get noticed, you’ll need to be creative, you’ll need to make your message stand out. Do not send long messages; few women will have the time to read them. Be short and catchy. Avoid messages that tell women you’ve got a big package that will definitely make them feel like wow. It usually doesn’t work. You can say such a thing in a very creative manner. Let them know that you’ve read their profile and that you like it. People will know when you’re desperate and just hitting blindly. If she doesn’t answer you, do not send a second message immediately. Let some few days pass. You do not want her to start looking at you like the guy who pesters her with messages. Your first message to the girl should let her know that you have seen her pictures and read about everything on her profile. That makes her feel proud and important. That is the feeling you want to create. She wants to be noticed, and she wants to feel that you’re really interested in her. By asking a question about her an item on her profile, you’ll compel her to answer. Something like, “You look great and I’m interested in you. Your profile shows you’re a single, what music are you into?”

Be Persistent: You May Have to Knock Many Times

numerous rejections
“Don’t lose heart and keep persisting”

Do not waste time on the same woman. There are many of them out there, and there are many who are just eager to get laid as you are. Do not limit your options. You may have to sort your way through numerous rejections before you find the sex you want. Keep it really simple, no complications. You can easily get lost in the online maze. You’ll need to keep discovering new approaches, adapting where necessary, and being patient in formulating catchy messages. You should make women feel that you’re hard to get. It works sometimes. You should not go on trying to get everyone’s number. You won’t handle it without stressing yourself out. You should also know when to say “no” and when to keep trying.

get laid online
“You will get there eventually”

You’ll not get laid online if you go on being yourself, thinking that your kind of gentleman attitude is what will attract women to you. Most of the women who get online will want to feel something rough about the guy and something gentle as well. You wonder why a serial killer gets beautiful girls streaming in his place while the rich guy who designs great stuff can’t even get a single response from girls he is interested in. The truth is that the serial killer knows how to get laid online. He knows how to play his cards. The moment you make a woman knows that you have seen their profile, that certain elements of their profile impress you, they’ll be immediately hooked. Such women will want to get to your profile also. You have things you’re looking for, but you should not forget that women are looking for things as well. Find out about what they want, and create a message that responds to that. Always work from the woman’s point of view. If you do that, you’ll get more responses and you’ll certainly get laid easily. Shape your lies to respond to what women are looking for.

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“Infidelity among women are on the rise”
“Infidelity among women are on the rise”

In modern society, infidelity has greatly increased. In past decades men were more likely to be unfaithful at some point in the marriage; however recently, women have been working their way to the top. In the past, women have been doubly frowned upon when found having an affair. As our society evolves and technology helps women find websites on how to cheat when married, it is becoming more and more common. Why is infidelity among women on the rise?

There Is Not Enough Appreciation

“Women crave for appreciation”
“Women crave for appreciation”

Any person in a relationship wants to feel loved and appreciated. In certain marriages, women are left to carry most of the responsibilities of running a household, meanwhile the man experiences more freedom. Men often make the mistake of getting too comfortable in a relationship and forgetting that women want to be appreciated and thought of as an equal. Most women spend their lives raising kids, cooking and cleaning. All of these actions are generally thought of as women’s work and rarely appreciated by men

Women work just as hard as men to make a relationship work, but when they are not appreciated or simply taken for granted, they look elsewhere to find solace. They seek an affair with someone who can appreciate them for who they are looking at them as an object of affection rather than a nurse or a housekeeper.

Intimacy Is the Foundation of a Woman

Women are more emotional and tend to be more intimate than men. Men often assume that their wives are happy in a relationship just because they don’t openly complain. This doesn’t mean they are happy; it’s just that the husband is not paying attention. Women like to feel loved and appreciated through simple acts of intimacy such as kissing, hugging, hand holding and receiving small gifts. It is rare for a husband to openly appreciate what his wife does and in some ways saying “thank you” is just not enough.

Most men think that just because a wife’s sexual needs are met, then intimacy is an issue that’s been resolved. It is important to note that small acts of intimacy are not the same as having a sexual relationship. The two should be kept separate and a woman wants to feel a man’s appreciation through other means. Women who don’t receive the intimacy they deserve often look for a man who is willing to give them that intimacy which ultimately leads to an affair. Some women even go as far as abusing alcohol and drugs if they don’t feel the intimate appreciation of their husband.

Boredom and Loneliness Are the Start

“They look for something exciting outside their boring married life”
“They look for something exciting outside their boring married life”

Loneliness is being often existent in many marriages. Most marriages that require a woman to stay home and care for children will undoubtedly lead to affairs. Women want to be loved and do need an adult companion around. Unfortunately, when the husband is out earning money through career paths that result in long absences (i.e. Military) it can lead to feeling bored or lonely.

A person’s life is meaningful when there is love and a sense of belonging. Unfortunately, if the husband is not around to help a woman feel loved, that woman will find someone else to fill the empty void. Casual sex that leads to heated affairs are the start of women who wonder how to cheat when married.

The Absence of Real Love

Women usually have expectations of what their spouse is supposed to do for them emotionally. Most women have their whole lives planned out when they get married, and when their expectations fall short, they realize love may not always be there. Some women just don’t know how to communicate with their husbands. In these cases, they have unrealistic or unknown needs that they expect to be met. Unfortunately, they forgot to communicate these needs to the husband and therefore end up feeling unloved.

Imperfections are present in every marriage. However, some women see imperfections as a lack of love and look somewhere else to get their fix. It is important to note that a lack of communication is what can send a woman into a downward spiral.

It Can Be an Intimacy Disorder

Some women may become as adults what we refer to as serial cheaters. This is often the result of sexual abuse or trauma experienced in childhood. As adults, women often have trouble committing to one partner or relationship, so they seek out short-lived but heated affairs. Intimacy is often heated in these types of women and each sexual encounter is meant to enhance the romance.

These types of women often want to be in control and don’t want to give themselves over to a relationship that may not last. The childhood trauma may have created an unstable adult and in reality, a woman is just not ready to become a wife. It is important to get professional help in these cases as they can really hinder a woman’s ability to function in life. If your wife suffers from sex addiction or any other intimacy disorder, make sure you get her the help she requires.

There Is an Absence of Physical Love

“Craving for the physical intimacy”
“Craving for the physical intimacy”

Men are usually advertised to like sex more than women or just simply have more heated sexual affairs. Women are just as much in need of physical intimacy as men are. If a woman’s sexual needs are not being met in a marriage, she will start looking at another man. All forms of need and desire are aroused through sexual intimacy with a partner. If the husband is not there, then ultimately only an affair can cure things.

She Has a Cheating Personality

“She like the thrill to cheat”
“She like the thrill to cheat”

Some women just simply have a personality that indicates she cannot settle down and more than likely will be unfaithful. Women who tend to party a lot or are simply outgoing are much more likely to cheat on their husbands than those who are not. For some women, there is a thrill in cheating. When a woman cheats and gets away with it, it can lead to her becoming a serial cheater. There is a certain thrill about not knowing the outcomes of cheating on your spouse. It adds interest and high stakes to perhaps an otherwise boring affair.

Women who are materialistic in nature, also have heated affairs with men who are much more financially secure than their husbands. If a husband cannot purchase designer jewelry or support a high class way of life, she will start searching for a man who can spend on her, in return for sexual favors. A wealthy man may not be husband material, but as long as she is having an affair, she can convince him to buy her high-end materialistic things that her husband cannot.

Infidelity has been around since the beginning of mankind. Women are not usually looked upon as the unfaithful types, so it may shock you to learn that women are just as unfaithful as men. Women also want to know how to cheat and not get caught. They also visit to learn about the latest cheating strategy. Are you wondering that why a woman would like to learn about cheating strategies? There are numerous reasons why a woman may start looking for a man outside of her marriage. It is quite possible that she falls into one of the categories mentioned in this article. It has become the norm to have an affair and women are just as needy in a relationship as men are, if not more. Instead of wondering how to cheat when married, consider how to stay faithful when married!

Advancements in the technology sectors have always enhanced the ways in which people learn. Right from the abacus that taught people math decades ago, to word processors that have changed the way people research and present written information, technology has a huge impact on education.

Although technology has been around for a while changing and shaping the way people were educated, it is the digital era that has totally revolutionized and transformed education into something previously never imagined.

Just look at the way IT has had an impact on education, the internet and other progressions have reshaped education to something that delivers better educated people.

Convenience & Availability

Before the dawn of the internet, many universities and colleges offered distance education. Such programs were difficult to find, and those people who lived in far and different towns were deprived of higher education.

The advent of online education has completely transformed this. Today almost all universities and colleges around the world offer degrees that can be completed over the internet. You can now study in a Japanese University without even having to set foot in Japan.

Technology in Education
Technology in Education


Technology has gone a long way in shaping pedagogy which is that art of teaching. Today instructors and teachers can create exciting ways of learning. These could be; video conferencing where teachers can interact with experts or students that are unable to physically be present during lessons. Interviews are also incorporated into classrooms using presentation software such MS PowerPoint.

Communication is one aspect that continues to blossom because of technological advancements. Instructors can now use email, instant messaging, texting, video chats and many more other interactive features. The results of these are that students can now get help from their tutors even outside classrooms, something much easier than before.

Technology increases the number of pedagogical improvements every year. Teachers get to create exercises online that enable students learn smart and prepare for the exams. Online forums and blogs can be created where students can discuss outside their classroom setting. With such improvements, learning has never been this fun and easy.


Libraries will always play a pivotal part when it comes to research. However, the burst of the internet has meant that information can be accessible from a few clicks. This has changed the way research is conducted, journals that were only available in selected libraries around the world can now be easily accessed online.

Encyclopedia, books, articles and other research tools can be found online, more often than not for free. Plagiarism has become a danger today as more and more research data is found online. Fortunately copy-checking software is available to enable teachers check whether or not the work was copied.

How Technology is Changing
How Technology is Changing


Technology has greatly transformed education. It’s one of the greatest discoveries of our time, and has made it much easier to produce better graduates.

You might have come across the famous saying “first impression is the best impression”. But have you ever wondered why people say so? Have you ever thought how can a person’s personality be judged the very first time you meet them? Well if your answer is yes then you are not the first person to think so. There are several others, including me, who have thought about it. Let’s look at it this way, when you personally meet a personhuman nature what do you do? Might be you look at the way they have dressed, then you observe the way they talk, their body language and once they leave you start making assumptions on them. So to conclude you also try to make an impression on that person based on your observation. Well you aren’t completely wrong in doing so. After all given to our we are bound to do so. Today in this write up we shall discuss about the 3 important tips to make a great first impression:

  1. Dress well: Your style speaks louder even in your silence. It is said that a person’s personality can be judged by the way they dress and to an extent it is prevalent in today’s society. You might have noticed that the first thing that people notice the time you enter any place is the way you look and then when they have mentally made some assumptions on you they either come forward and talk to you or just give a smile or worse some may even tend to ignore you. So to make that first impression a lasting impression, dress your best. Always be presentable.

    The first thing you notice
    The first thing you notice
  2. Talk well: You might have heard the famous saying, “Silence is Gold and Speech is Silver”. Well this doesn’t work good when it comes to making an impression, rather talking sensibly surely does. When you talk try to stick on your statements, do not change it with the changing conversation. A man/woman who sticks on to his opinion/word is respected a lot. As far as possible refrain from talking on the subjects that doesn’t interest you or the ones you have no knowledge about. Even if you have to talk, do not let out any pessimistic opinions.

  3. Act well: Well I would start by quoting “Actions speaks louder than words” and yes it indeed does. The way you act, the way you conduct yourself amongst your fellow humans, the way you treat others, your body language would convey a lot about your personality. It’s good to keep up to yourself but whilst you are in a group try to be one among them, accept them as they are. There might be some people who might be extremely annoying but you try to be good to them. Remember if you act like them then you have no rights to complain about them. If you want to bring in some change then be the change you want to see.

Making a good first impression
Making a good first impression

You might come across lot more ways to make a first great impression. However remember a wise man is the one who doesn’t act what he is not but rather tries to be the change he wants to see.

Most of us, especially women, would like to stay fit even without leaving home to hit the gym. You may think it’s seemingly impossible to burn the calories at home. Hearken because it’s entirely possible to get rid of those unwanted fats by doing workout routines at home without the need for any gym equipment. Below are the top three most frequently performed exercises that can be done at home for you to stay fit, young, vibrant, and live longer.


Workout that lazy butt and try pacing around the house. It would be better if you have a flight of stairs at home. You can go up and down the stairs as a form of exercise which is actually more of a cardio routine. If the weather’s awesome you can go around the village for a brisk walk. You may think this routine is a humdrum but this will actually do the trick in keeping you fit.

Stay fit & get the body you want.
Stay fit & get the body you want.

Jumping Jacks/Jogging in Place

Jumping jack is an effortless way for you to exercise. Not only do you trim some extra pounds but also have fun. Remember when you’re still a kid and you’re having so much fun doing jumping jacks? Jumping jacks are a perfect warm up routine. Jumping jacks also make a good combo with jogging in place. Grab a pair of comfy shoes and start jogging in place. You need to wear a good one to prevent exerting stress on your legs. Even when your favorite TV show is on, you can still do these routines so it’s definitely double the perk!

Jogging around your residence
Jogging around your residence

Crunches and Push-ups

Crunches and push-ups are also favorite workout routines. The former is especially ideal if you would like to work-out on the abdominals and snag those flattering abs. You may not be able to perfect this on your first attempt but just keep trying though this may be strenuous. Initially, you may be bringing your head up but so long as you’re contracting your abdominal muscles you will soon reap the benefits of doing crunches. Push-ups, just like crunches, may be physically demanding but hey, you don’t have to pretend that you’re someone who’s with the military. These can be done either on the floor or you can tweak these out a bit by doing push-ups on the wall. Just take small baby steps and you’ll be able to perform it correctly in time.

There are countless more ways on how you can stay fit without leaving the four corners of your home. These include squats, dancing, step exercises and countless more. Staying fit does not only mean frequently visiting the gym as you could also do the same thing even at the comfort of your own home.

Jude Law is a very successful English actor. He is probably one of the few actors who gained a lot of recognition right at the beginning of their acting career. This has a lot to do with the fact that Law is a theatre actor by origin. Hence, facing the camera was never a very difficult task for him.

One of the things that Jude law is known for is his ability to experiment with the kind of characters he plays on the big screen. There are not too many actors who are willing to do different kind of cinema. What makes Jude Law stand out from a majority of actors in the current league is that he spent quality time in theatre before hitting movies. He was nominated many times for the different characters that he played on the stage. This probably gave him a lot of confidence and it is reflected from the kind of roles he has picked up during his career.

In the year 2006, a top-notch Hollywood research stated that Jude Law of amongst the top ten most bankable actors. Being on this list is like a dream come true for aspiring and established actors. It is an evidence of carrying a huge fan following. This clearly stated that Jude Law had a loyalty following at a very young age.

As you can see from those
As you can see from those


Jude Law has played almost all kinds of characters on screen. He has made people laugh, cry, love him, hate him and even ignore him at times. In the year 2001, Jude Law gained tremendous success for playing a sniper in the movie Enemy at the Gates. The movie is considered to be one of the best War Films till date. In order to play the role, Jude had to do a lot of research. He had to portray the exact mannerisms of Vasily Zaytsev, the character that he was playing. It was a challenging character to play and any other actor would have probably given it a second thought before going ahead and giving a nod to the director, especially at a stage where Jude Law had not established himself firmly in the industry. It was a make or break sort of opportunity for him.


These are the kind of situations that reflect the true character of an individual. By opting for the role and doing such amazing justice with it, Jude Law instantly hit with the audience. Since then, Jude Law has gone on to be a part of science fictions, action dramas as well as comedies. The kind of range he projects as an actor, not many others are able to do so. As an individual, you can learn the art of experimenting from Jude Law.  

Owning a credit card is a smart way to get your dream items faster while spreading the payment into several months or even a year or two. The problem begins to set in when you begin to lose self-control and be under the spell of the plastic money. Human nature has that proclivity to buy but aches when it is time to pay.

If you do not own a credit card and you know you lack self-control, do not apply for one. It will save you from being a victim of your own weakness. If you have a strong will and control, make sure you have the budget to allot every month to maintain an interest-free spending. That is the only good thing about the plastic money. Say you wanted to buy an appliance that is zero percent interest for 12 months. If that is $12,000 worth, you get to pay only $1,000 a month and by the end of 12 months you are fully paid. If you have the lump sum cash, though, you can usually get a discount for paying cash, so you save some.

Use these tips to get rid of credit card debt.
Use these tips to get rid of credit card debt.

The problem is when one loses control and debts are piling up one after another. How can you get out of it? First, you have to declare that there is a problem and that you are willing to focus on the solutions. Small solutions at a time are better than having none at all.

List all you debts so you have a matrix of how much each card owes, what the interest rate is and the due date for each loan. As much as possible, pay off which one incurs the highest interest rate. That way you prevent being charged by the card with the highest interest rate. If that is not possible at the moment, pay off the card that has the least balance. That way you get fewer cards to pay in time until you have paid off all.

If you can, pay more than the minimum amount required so that you will lessening the principal amount. If you just pay the minimum it will take you years to finish off.

How can you pay them in the first place? Restructure your budget. Make 2 categories: needs and wants and tick off the wants and concentrate on the needs like food, shelter, electricity, working expenses. Among these needs, figure out ways to save like filling your stomach with real food and not junk (that way you get less hungry). Move to a cheaper/smaller domain, save on electricity when no one is around like putting off lights, electric fans or air condition, etc. Commute and walk instead of buying your own gas, or be part of a carpool. The savings that you get out of those efforts can be used to pay off your debts.

State cuts budget, facilities
State cuts budget, facilities

You can also go for professional help like consolidating your loans. If you have life insurance you can borrow money from it which interest is lower than the commercial loans.

When you have paid up all your loans then you can continue with your new lifestyle and put the money to build your emergency fund so that you have money in store that could even be earning interest instead of you paying the interest.