Advancements in the technology sectors have always enhanced the ways in which people learn. Right from the abacus that taught people math decades ago, to word processors that have changed the way people research and present written information, technology has a huge impact on education.

Although technology has been around for a while changing and shaping the way people were educated, it is the digital era that has totally revolutionized and transformed education into something previously never imagined.

Just look at the way IT has had an impact on education, the internet and other progressions have reshaped education to something that delivers better educated people.

Convenience & Availability

Before the dawn of the internet, many universities and colleges offered distance education. Such programs were difficult to find, and those people who lived in far and different towns were deprived of higher education.

The advent of online education has completely transformed this. Today almost all universities and colleges around the world offer degrees that can be completed over the internet. You can now study in a Japanese University without even having to set foot in Japan.

Technology in Education
Technology in Education


Technology has gone a long way in shaping pedagogy which is that art of teaching. Today instructors and teachers can create exciting ways of learning. These could be; video conferencing where teachers can interact with experts or students that are unable to physically be present during lessons. Interviews are also incorporated into classrooms using presentation software such MS PowerPoint.

Communication is one aspect that continues to blossom because of technological advancements. Instructors can now use email, instant messaging, texting, video chats and many more other interactive features. The results of these are that students can now get help from their tutors even outside classrooms, something much easier than before.

Technology increases the number of pedagogical improvements every year. Teachers get to create exercises online that enable students learn smart and prepare for the exams. Online forums and blogs can be created where students can discuss outside their classroom setting. With such improvements, learning has never been this fun and easy.


Libraries will always play a pivotal part when it comes to research. However, the burst of the internet has meant that information can be accessible from a few clicks. This has changed the way research is conducted, journals that were only available in selected libraries around the world can now be easily accessed online.

Encyclopedia, books, articles and other research tools can be found online, more often than not for free. Plagiarism has become a danger today as more and more research data is found online. Fortunately copy-checking software is available to enable teachers check whether or not the work was copied.

How Technology is Changing
How Technology is Changing


Technology has greatly transformed education. It’s one of the greatest discoveries of our time, and has made it much easier to produce better graduates.

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