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7 Good Reasons Why You Should Visit Portland This Year!

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If you are looking for a destination that offers the perfect blend of fun, outdoor adventures, and scenic beauty, Portland in Oregon is where you should go. Often called as the city of roses, Portland is a unique place for every traveler. In this post, we give you seven reasons for visiting Portland Oregon.

  • The love for beer. Numerous breweries are found all over all the city, and you will find more than your standard lagers. There are many options for beer lovers, and if you have always wanted to try, you can find organic beer here. For those who cannot hop from one brewery to another, the neighborhood bars are a desirable choice for tasting the local options.
  • Enjoy a bicycle tour. Portland is pretty famed for the bicycle tours, which is a fantastic way of exploring this amazing city. The best part is the wide bike lanes, which are found in most parts of the city. You don’t have to worry about traffic, and it doesn’t cost a fortune to rent a bicycle.

  • For the food you cannot refuse. Well, Portland is the land for foodies, and you will find some incredible food trucks in most parts of the city. From sandwiches to proper Mexican cuisine on trailers, there is something for every taste. Thankfully, the food isn’t too expensive either, so you can gorge as much as you can.
  • Don’t miss the parks. If you are someone who loves nature, you should make time for Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden and The Grotto Gardens. The Laurelhurst Park is also a good attraction, while kids can enjoy at Portland Children’s Museum. You can check online to know the park timings and other details.
  • Make time for Portland Rose Festival. This festival held in the early days of June is the best-known festival of Portland. The flower shows here are breathtaking, and we are sure, you would be booking the tickets for next year, as well. Do make sure to book your hotels in advance to avoid disappointment.

  • Do visit Mt Hood. For those who are interested in nature, they should make time for Mt Hood, which is around 80 kilometers away from the city. The views from the city of Portland itself is just too majestic. Also, you can make time for Forest Park, which has some incredible trails.
  • Because you are on a budget. Portland is stunning and majestic, but it doesn’t have to be very expensive. You should find a hotel in modest budgets, and local beer often costs less than $4. Keep an eye on the happy hours, and food and drinks should be cheap on the pocket. Don’t forget to talk a walk along the downtown. To get the best deals on hotels, check online, and if you stay for a longer period, you might get better offers.

Check for Portland flights now and don’t miss staying here for at least a week. This is a place that will never disappoint you.


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