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Check for these things while shopping for ergonomic office chairs!

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Business owners and office managers often have a hard time selecting chairs that can fit the needs of most people at the workplace. Not every chair ergonomic, and there are a few essential features to look for. Below are the aspects worth considering while shopping for ergonomic office chairs. office chairs for sale from 123ink.ca

Height adjustment

Seat height of ergonomic chairs should have a range between 15 and 22 inches. Even if a person is 6’4” tall, he can still use the chair comfortably. The height of the selected chair should be adjustable from the seat itself for maximum convenience. This is important because the right seat height can minimize stress on the knees.

Recline adjustment

While sitting in the chair, the person using it should be able to recline his/her body easily. Most ergonomic chairs come with this feature, but the extent of tilting is something you need to check in detail.

Lumbar support

When we sit in a chair, the lower back of our body tends to arch naturally. Lumbar support in ergonomic chairs offer the right level of depth adjustment, and thereby, people with back pain and waist issues can feel comfortable in such chairs. Some chairs may have fixed depth, which is still okay if you are low on budget. Please note that lower back curve isn’t the same for everyone, so if the chair has an adjustable backrest, it can be an added advantage.

Seat size

The width and pan size of the seat should be enough to accommodate most people. The upper part of your legs should contain in the seat itself, and the sides shouldn’t bulge out, unless the person is of a heavier build. Before you buy ergonomic chairs, always check if the arm rest is adjustable.

Headrest and footrest

Ergonomic chairs should have both headrest and footrest for the maximum comfort. After working for hours, people often need to stretch and relax in their seat, and for that, a footrest is always useful. Headrests are also great for the same reason.

If you want to get the best deals and offers, check for office chairs for sale from 123ink.ca. Online stores are better because you can find more brands and models on sale and can also compare different chairs based on your budget. Don’t forget to check for discount deals and coupons, which can ensure further savings, especially on bulk purchases.

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