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Efficiency and Process Planning With Tekmetric Auto Repair Software

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The main aim of process planning is making sure that there is no lag time between each step. Time is money, and the quicker you are with each process, the more profit you will accumulate. The main objective when it comes to operational processes is to ensure that all activities within the organization achieve maximum efficiency. Here are some of the areas where the auto repair software will assist you.


One of the most routine activities in an auto repair store is that safety inspections are carried out on vehicles. The methods in which these inspections are performed do vary; however, the main aim is to make sure that they are carried out as efficiently and effectively as possible. One of the functions of the auto repair software is that it provides a digital checklist for all aspects of the inspection. Once it has been completed, the results are made available to all members of staff.

Vehicle movement

Too much vehicle movement can cause disruption in the auto repair work environment. It may sound like a trivial issue; however, when there is bad communication between technicians and there is limited communication, it can lead to vehicles being moved unnecessarily. For example, once a car has been repaired, it is typically moved outside, if a technician is not made aware that repairs have already been conducted, they may move the vehicle again. Auto repair software enables technicians and service advisors to enter all information about the work that has taken place on a car into the system. If another technician wants to know what work has been done on a vehicle, all they have to do is look it up on the system.

Quality control and assurance

The technician is responsible for quality assurance, this takes place at the point of production. Once the work on a vehicle has been completed, another person is responsible for quality control. This process is typically performed manually where all information is recorded on sheets of paper. With auto repair software, all information is inputted into the system which makes the process faster and easier.

There are many more areas where the auto repair software can automate business processes. However, there is not enough space to discuss them in one article. One of the major reasons auto repair stores shy away from technology is the expense – they are definitely not cheap; however, if you get the right one, you will experience a dramatic increase in profit. The question now becomes, how will I know if I have got the right software? The answer is in a free trial!

Tekmetric is offering a free trial for the remainder of 2018, you are not bound to a contract, there is no small print to read and no hidden charges. Your job is to try it out until the end of the year and see if it works for your company. You will have access to all features of the product as if you were a paying customer, at the end of the trial, if you decide that it hasn’t added any value to your company, you can opt out without having to pay a cancellation fee.

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