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Four Reasons your Agency should Give your Clients Regular Reports

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As a creative digital marketing agency, you want to make use of your knowledge and vision in order to come up with something unique. However, your client has a lot to say about what you should do for them. You need to discuss with them, gain their trust and keep them informed about important things that can help you make the right decision for their campaigns. You can achieve all these through responsible client reporting. Here’s why SEO reporting is quite significant to the relationship with your client.

To Have Constant Communication with your Client

Whether you wish to provide your clients monthly reports to inform them of how their SEO campaigns are doing or let them know if their campaigns are about to them, you have to do this on a routine basis. Being able to share your reports in a systematic way can open up the talk with your client that allows for sharing of opinions and thoughts based on the data you present. Having discussions like this prevent small issues from becoming full-blown.

Keep them Informed and Involved

A lot of clients do not have to know the difference between key performance indicators (KPIs) and the reason these matter to them. In order to teach your client about the significance of every data point, think about a report that allows for the addition of comments.  Educating your clients on what you do makes them feel involved in the entire process. Reporting helps them understand the process in a better way. In turn, this helps you understand their needs and expectations.

Keep the Accountability to you and your Client

SEO reports for clients are made with particular KPIs and metrics in mind. However, you need a client-agency relationship to go about pinpointing the KPIs that must be monitored. Being able to provide a solid report to your client allows them, to give you real, exact and measurable goals.

Build Trust

Business relationships can only last when trust is built. Reporting allows for transparency which is necessary to maintain an agency-client relationship. Transparency enables the sharing of both poor and good performance. Creating and sharing regular reports lets you stay proactive as you show your performance. By fostering a discussion, you don’t have to deal with an issue on your own. Your client will appreciate your transparency. A simple problem in your strategy doesn’t have to change this. However, failing to reveal this to the client just might.

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