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Laser Technology Used Effectively on Laser Marking Systems

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LASER may be the mechanism for emitting radio waves, as light or visible light, via the entire process of stimulated emission. Laser may be the acronym of sunshine Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

The growing quantity of industries and also the competition included in this will invariably pressure these to introduce most advanced technology, this result in implementation of Laser systems for a lot of industrial applications including cutting, marking, rubber stamping, embossing and engraving. The main difference of laser marking systems using their company types of marking may be the unique mixture of speed, permanence and also the versatility laptop or computer control. The program employed for laser marking product is utilized using a PCI interface card. This transmits digital signals from the internet based marking or etching files towards the motors and directs the laserlight towards the product being laser marked.

Lasers employed for marking are:

CO2 Lasers – it’ll create permanent codes for lifetime traceability, this can reduce manufacturing costs and could be easily integrated with automated systems.

Excimer Lasers – can be found in the next Ultra violet laser wavelengths: 157 nm, 193 nm, 248 nm, 308 nm and 351 nm. It’s mainly put on Inkjet Nozzle Drilling, Marking Eyeglasses etc.

YAG Lasers – are most frequently utilized as the bottom platform for creating different wavelengths when it’s correctly configured. Probably the most versatile wave length is Infrared (1064nm). This wave length can be used to mark a number of materials including metals, ceramics, composites, and a few plastics.

Various kinds of processes involved with laser marking systems are:

Surface Annealing

Surface annealing will draw carbon and/ or oxides in the base material to get a contrasting mark. The marking beam will produce sharp contrasting line to area with little if any transmission. This really is good for applications in which a smooth, undamaged surface and contrast is required. The top annealing can be used mainly on medical implanting, bearings, tooling etc.

Surface Etching

Surface etching is the opportunity to alter reflectivity and enhancing contrast of metals by altering the top finish of metals. This is among the most generally used laser marking technique whose Transmission depth is usually only .0001″ deep.


Ablating can be used to produce contrast with no damage to the bottom material, this process is usually completed with anodized aluminum, backlit buttons, and colored steel.

Thermal Marking

This process functions by controlling heat using different laser parameters for example marking speed, pulse frequency, power, and concentrate. It’s mainly put on certain alloys which leads to color variations.

Engrave Marking

Within this method depth needed is created through the vaporization of base material. This type of marking is similar to come to light etching this really is used typically for .0001″ to .005″ depth. Repeated passes will raise the depth from the mark.

Niche Marking

The niche marking product is generally utilized in plastics. There might be alternation in contrast naturally in certain plastics by heat or coupling having a wave length which in turn causes a compound change. Additives may also be used with many plastics to attain different colors. Among the illustration of Niche Marking is Product Traceability, the ability of the manufacturer to follow an item through its processing procedures and also to also be capable of re-trace an item to the maker.

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